Lists of APD Managed Health facilities in Afmadow, Kismayu and Badhadhe districts-

No. Name of Facility Location District
1 Calanley MCH Kismayo Town Kismyo District


2 Shaqalaha MCH Kismayo Town Kismyo District


3 Dhobley MCH Dhobley  Town Afmadow District


4 Afmadow  MCH Afmadow  Town Afmadow District


5 Qoqani MCH Qoqani Afmadow District


6 Tabta Tabta Afmadow District


7 Hayo Hayo Village Afmadow District


8 Madowo Madowo  Village Badhade   District


9 kudaa Kudaa   Village Badhade   District


10 buurgabo Buurgabo  Village Badhade   District


11 Kulbiyow MCH Kulbiyow Town Badhade  District