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Cash for Work in Ceerigabo, Sanaag.

  • May 2017 -To date

Livelihood Emergency unconditional cash transfer and cash for work in Cergabo, sanaag region Partners FAO Ongoing

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Enhanced Return & Reintergration of Refugee Communities

  • Project Started on October 2014 to December 2014

This project intends to address the gaps by increasing access to sanitation facilities, access to adequate clean water and community based...

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Unconditional cash transfer & Veterinary programmes

  • May 2018

Unconditional cash transfer and Livestock veterinary programmes in Ceelafweyn district, Somaliland Livestock diseases have seriously influenced the productivity of livestock population....

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Intergrated Emergency Wash programme

  • Project Started on November 2013

Improvement of access to safe water, appropriate sanitation facilities and Hygiene for IDPS, returnees and urban poor families living in emergency...

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General Food Distribution

  • Project Started on February 2017

Food voucher and General Food Distribution project in Hergeisa, Waqoyi, Galbeed. Impact Food Distribution  Program Effects on Food Consumption and Nutritional “Achievement” of Low...

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