Agency for Peace and Development (APD) is a local NGO formed in 2006 by a group of local people touched by the plight of many people in Somaliland. The organization was formed through joint indigenous intellectual efforts with the help of the local appealing force on the ground.

APD has a regional coordination office in Hargeisa Somaliland and has other offices in Ceerigaabo in Somaliland, Kismayo in south Somalia and a liaison office in Nairobi Kenya.

APD is registered as an NGO in Somaliland, Kenya, Geneva Switzerland and United States of America.

The formation was prompted by sad effects of civil conflict in the country, which has resulted in social-economic setbacks. To these effects, a lot of unnecessary killings, intimidations, humiliation, and looting, raping and gross human right violation have aggravated the social stability in the country coupled with this; the devastating effects of natural disaster from drought to flooding have also frustrated the ailing situation in the country.